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FeaturEnergy specializing in Ducted Air Conditioning in Dunedin | Queenstown from Single Room, Multi-room, and Ducted systems for the residential dwellings. Also, we specialize in the design and installation of Ducted Air Conditioning, the ideal solutions for central heating and cooling providing comfort all year round. With this wide range of sustainable renewable energy-efficient technology, we can find a solution for every need. We assess, design, and install the best fit quality system for the new or existing residential dwelling.

FeaturEnergy engineers have over 15 years of experience, this makes us experts in the design and installation of heat pumps, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems for residential dwellings. We provide quality, sustainable, and efficient solutions at a competitive price to keep your home cozy for you and your family.

Homes must be installed with an efficient and reliable HVAC system. Your HVAC system is one of the main factors that keep your home safe and healthy for its residents. With a reliable HVAC (through your heat pumps, air conditioning, or other units), you get to adapt to any weather across all seasons with no problem. Your HVAC is what also keeps everyone at home comfortable such that you can go about your daily routines with nothing getting in the way. This is what makes the home what it truly should be: an ideal place to retreat to regardless of the circumstances outside.

If you need installation services for your ducted heat pump in your home, call the FeaturEnergy team. We at FeaturEnergy have installed and maintained many homes in Dunedin with central heating systems and air conditioning systems which have allowed our clients to live with ease.

Single & Multi-Room System Configuration

High-Wall Systems

A wall-mounted unit is the most common and affordable option. The units are mounted on the wall and are a great option for the homeowner to layout the rooms with their favourite furniture without compromising living space.

High-Wall Systems
Floor Console Systems

Floor Console Systems

Floor console units are very popular for single-room heating and cooling. Is one of the fast and most effective models to heat and cool the space with the twin fan technology, retains quiet operation.

Ceiling Cassette Systems

Ceiling cassette units are visually discreet that is mounted in the ceiling and only the grille showing. The 4-way flow system allows heating and cooling with even airflow.

Floor Console Systems

Floor Console Systems

Ducted Systems

A ducted system is also classed as a central heating/cooling system. In recent times the ducted heating and cooling system have become popular in New Zealand homes. This is due to its efficient and affordable nature. The advantages of the ducted system for heating and cooling your home all year round are as follows

  • Affordable
  • Conforms with house design
  • Invisible
  • Efficient and effective heating
  • Outdoor unit area saving
  • Better circulation
  • Exceptional air quality
  • Low running costs
  • Adds value to your property
Home Ventilation Systems

Home Ventilation Systems

Adding a good ventilation system to your home is adding value for healthier homes and loved ones. Not enough adequate ventilation in airtight homes can cause huge amounts of indoor pollutants which can guide to problems such as mold, damp and condensation in your home. These pollutants can trigger a serious impact on your health such as Asthma. Research by Dr. Caroline Shorter from the department of medicine at the University of Otago outlines that homes that experience dampness and mould can lead to the development of a first asthma attack in young children. Every house needs to breathe which helps reduce mould build-up, dampness, and condensation.

FeaturEnergy has energy-efficient solutions for every home that deserve to breathe healthy air and reduces the chance of health risks for our young generations. Ranging from Positive Air Pressure System, Balanced Air Heat Recovery Systems for both existing homes and new builds. The Air to Air Heat Exchangers uses exhaust air to pre-condition the incoming air, reducing the cooling/heating load and the overall size of the required air conditioning system, rather than just discharging air-conditioned air out to the atmosphere. Adding these systems to your home will create a healthier and drier home. Further, drier homes are easier to heat and maintain consistent temperatures for a lengthy period. This improves the energy efficiency of your home.

heat transfer system

Indoor air needs to be exhausted and effectively replaced by new fresh air to keep oxygen levels correct and remove most pollutants. The use of a Toshiba air-to-air heat exchanger, to complete both functions of stale air removal and fresh air intake, limits heat dispersion (recovering up to 80% of the heat energy being expelled) therefore reducing the load on air conditioning/source of heat.

For energy savings on those hot summer nights, the system will bypass the heat exchange core and bring in cooler night air reducing the load on air conditioning systems or eliminate the need for air conditioning altogether.
The Toshiba ‘HEX’ can be used as a standalone system or connected to any of Toshiba’s ‘RAV’ series heat pump air conditioners with a wired controller.

This product can be used for both residential and commercial applications.

heat transfer system

Featured Brands

FeaturEnergy is the Authorised Panasonic Dealer and Service Centre for Panasonic Air Conditioning. Installer and Service Tech for Daikin Heat Pumps. Dealer and Service Agent for Toshiba Heat Pumps.

These heat pumps have allowed us to contribute to the move towards more sustainable solutions. When heat pumps are designed in a way that leaves a little negative impact on the environment, people can live comfortably without guilt. Have your heat pumps, Air-con, or entire HVAC systems installed and maintained by FeaturEnergy now!