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FeaturEnergy is serious about providing quality and timeliness maintenance and Heating and Air Conditioning Services and Repairs to both its existing and new customers. We offer services to both residential and commercial premises.
“We want to understand our clients than to be understood”

Need some work done on the air conditioning Dunedin property? FeaturEnergy is the name to call. With our vast experience working on all sorts of problems related to heat pumps or air conditioning, Dunedin properties’ HVAC systems, we can work on your damaged or ineffective units in a breeze. Whether your HVAC system is a small one such as those in homes or a large multi-unit system such as those in big commercial properties like malls, hospitals, schools, or office buildings, we can get the job done in the most efficient way possible.

Our friendly relationship with our clients means the most. Our clients are paramount, therefore we believe in friendly face-to-face interaction. Our mission is to provide sustainable quality and timely maintenance or repair services to our clients. Our qualified and highly experienced engineers are always ready to deliver 24/7 maintenance and repair services to keep your business going and keeping your home cozy.

Through experience, we believe that for the efficiency and effective performance of HVAC systems, regular maintenance is required. We deliver routine maintenance service and preventive maintenance schedules for all types of heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation systems.

Why FeaturEnergy?
  • We guarantee timely and quality service delivery.
  • Free quotation and competitive price.
  • Highly qualified engineers with experience.
  • Efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly technologies.
  • 24/7 service guarantee.
  • Use of quality and environmentally-friendly equipment and materials.

Never suffer a day of poor air conditioning in your Dunedin property

We understand how important your HVAC system is. The more consistent it is at providing the right temperature for your indoors -- whether that is air conditioning or heating -- the easier it is for you and your property’s occupants to go about your daily activities. Don’t let HVAC problems get in the way of your personal efficiency. If ACs or ducted heat pumps in Dunedin properties need repair and maintenance, we at FeaturEnergy will respond immediately.

Residential Maintenance

FeaturEnergy specializing in both Split and Ducted System maintenance and provides the following listed services but not confined to these.

  • Clean coil and filters.
  • Check fan operation.
  • Check and service ductwork.
  • Check and record Amp draw.
  • Check refrigerant level and record gas pressures.
  • Check system operation and control functionality.
  • Check electrical system connection and functionality.
  • Check and clean drain blockages.
  • Check noise vibration for Indoor and Outdoor units.

Commercial and Programmed Contracted Maintenance

Our experienced and qualified engineers proactively deliver preventive maintenance schedules for HVAC systems to a commercial establishment in Dunedin and expanding throughout the Central and Otago region.

We provide a Preventive Maintenance Schedules plan for HVAC systems that helps our client to mitigate risks of frequent breakdown and increases the asset lifecycle. Our engineers can provide an asset maintenance program for HVAC systems for asset audit, asset cost estimation, budgeting to help clients to better understand and manage their HVAC system.

The programmed contracted maintenance agreement ensures exclusive access to facilitate 24/7 support to the client. This enables FeaturEnergy to provide the best of expertise to service the HVAC system for efficient and effective operations.

Programmed Maintenance
Benefits of Preventive Maintenance
  • The increased lifecycle of HVAC asset
  • Energy management
  • Reduced capital replacement costs
  • Reduced business overhead and operational costs
  • Efficient and effective HVAC system performance
Programmed Maintenance Includes:
  • Cleaning condenser coil
  • Check fan operation
  • Corrosion and weathering control
  • Check and service ductwork
  • Check refrigerant level, airflows, and gas pressure
  • Check system operation and control functionality
  • Check electrical system connection and functionality
  • Check valves
  • Check noise vibration for Indoor and Outdoor units
  • Priority maintenance and service plan
  • HVAC lifecycle asset management plan

Featured Brands

FeaturEnergy is the Authorised Dealer and Service Centre for Panasonic Air Conditioning. Installer and Service Tech for Daikin Heat Pumps. Dealer and Service Agent for Toshiba Heat Pumps.

These heat pumps have allowed us to contribute to the move towards more sustainable solutions. When heat pumps are designed in a way that leaves a little negative impact on the environment, people can live comfortably without guilt. Have your heat pumps, Air-con, or entire HVAC systems installed and maintained by FeaturEnergy now!